Wednesday, November 19, 2008

School's Curse

I never did mind homework. I still don't, it just is not my favorite and as the semester continues those feelings of dislike have reached hate. I have two papers due tomorrow and I have been working on them for about three hours now. I love to write, I am sure you all assumed that considering I am blogging. Even though I love writing when it comes to writing about stem cell research or reflecting on two visits from a lady who has a son with a disabillity, it all of sudden does not become fun anymore. I sit at the computer desk and stare at the computer feeling frustration arise as I continue to stare at the screen and write nothing. When I do start writing something, it is not inspired or creative. It just is.

The same thing is true of reading. I love to read. Give me a book and I will gobble it up instantly if time allows. Give me a textbook and all of a sudden my vigor leaves. I hate reading textbooks. I hate reading about students with hearing and visual impairments, African art, essays by major philosphers. OK, maybe not hate, but I feel so forced to do it. Do not get me wrong, if it was my choice to read about these topics, then great! I would probably be blogging about all the cool stuff I just learned, but since I am assigned it, forget it.

I guess I need to tweek my mindset when it comes to homework. I probably should keep this blog in mind when I begin teaching. I do not want my students to feel this way when they have to do my homework. What a vicious cycle. I am the student hating the work I have to do and then I am going to be the one assigning that stupid homework. Odd....

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