Thursday, November 13, 2008

I am Sick

My title has told it all. I am sick and I hate being sick (I guess no one enjoys it really...). This life has too much going on in it in order to let a small ailment get in my way. I am so sick that I have decided to skip lab today! This never happens in my life. The only time I have ever skipped school is to go down to sunny Myrtle Beach to visit the fiancee. I mean, it is not as bad as I am making it to be because all I have to do is go to the college at nine o'clock on Tuesday and make up today's lab, but shhh...I want the melodrama to remain.

You know what is even more crazy? Even though I am sick, I have no time to let myself get better. Today I have school beginning at 12:30 and will not be done with school until 8:45 tonight. Tomorrow, I am going to a concert (probably not a good idea, but I want to enjoy my young adult idiocy as long as I can). Oh, and let us not forget that I work at 6:30 a.m. both Friday and Saturday!! Ick...

When I was younger, I always promised myself that I would not let my life get overrun with a full agenda. I wanted to have time to relax, enjoy my family, read a book and plain ol' get time to myself! HA! I seem to have let myself down considering the life I lead. I cannot remember the last time I just sat down with the mindset, "Okay, Christen, time to let life simmer down and let's relax!" Perhaps it was over the summer...maybe? I do still enjoy my family, once a week, if I am lucky. Their busy, hectic schedules always seem to collide with mine. I am home, my family is family is home, I am not. You get the picture. Reading a book!? I am almost tempted to sit down here and weep for I have not read a book since the end of summer. In fact, I bought two books with a birthday gift card (which was in September in case any of you did not know) and I let my older sister read them first! Simply ridiculous. The only thing I can classify as having time to myself is when I shut all doors, stick my I-Pod in my study for a test. If that is time to myself, I would much rather avoid it.

As is undoubtedly obvious to all of you out there and to myself, my little girl dream has vanished. I am confident that my schedule will only get more and more full as life continues to whiz by, me being unaware of it the whole time. So, I am going to eat some breakfast and cough my little lungs out...they are being quite impossible lately, anyway!


BlackpoolLights said...

You're a "go-getter".

Feel better.

p.s. Do not get me sick tmrw. ;)

Happy Mama said...

Oh, I hear you sooo well!
And I am sick too:-(
I hope you feel better soon.

Bethany Streng said...


(i hope you feel better)