Thursday, November 6, 2008

My Life is such a Whirl

I had mentioned in my first blog that I was a bit touched to begin blogging in my already hectic life; this prediction has indeed proved to be true. There has been three special events in the past few days that made me think, "Oh, I need to blog about this" and yet, there is no time to sit at the computer and type about these experiences. These include my day celebrating the arts when I went to the Allentown Art Museum and that same evening saw an epic production of Julius Caesar. I also spent three hours one day not speaking at all and only used this crudely made device called a Communication Board as my only means of communicating. Then, the infamous election results, I could have expounded on my immediate woes and the consolations I received afterwards. But, alas, I have not the time to tell you all about these things. Maybe one day I will. But, tonight I am going to focus on another event.

Tomorrow night my church is hosting a Youth Lock-In. Those who attend church, I am certain, have heard of a youth lock-in. Some associate this type of event with a positive experience. Others, like my Mommy, associate lock-ins with children coming home looking green in the face from lack of sleep. Personally, I have only had good experiences with lock-ins and cherish the memories of every one I have attended.

The interesting thing about tomorrow's lock-in is I am no longer a participant. I am not one of the young children coming to theevent, but a leader. Yes, a youth leader. As I am preparing for this event, setting up the groups for our scavenger hunt, looking for devotions, planning my lesson for the devotion, preparing time to go speak to businesses about the scavenger hunt teams that are going to be coming, I just feel strange, overwhelmed, busy, confused, etc., etc. It is amazing how quick life passes by. I feel as though I should be the one all excited about going to this event, not leading it.

The purpose of this blog: just to vent about how busy life is and about how quickly time passes by. My favorite play is Our Town by Thornton Wilder (if you have not read it, I strongly encourage it). This play is done in three stages and it stresses to its audience and readers how precious time is. It emphasizes to take in every, single moment and appreciate it, to not throw anything aside as if it is worthless because when life is done its done. Getting older, it astounds me at how fast time goes by. I feel like Hook in Peter Pan who is constantly being chased by that old alligator with the clock stuck inside it. Time is an ever-present enemy in our lives, always lurking by and without fail it catches up to us. In some cases it is good, in others not so good. Oh well, what can one do but keep on living... I guess.

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tranceasleep said...

"Our Town" - mmm, I love that play.

Not nearly as much as you, but... it's close ;)