Thursday, November 13, 2008

Digital Age

I am being inspired to write simply because the drugs I am taking to cure my cold has lots of caffeine!!!! Yay! Thank God for the medicinal drug, it does amazing wonders.

I realize more and more every day how different my generation is from the past. The one drastic change is the heightened use of technology. Internet, I-Pods, GPS, cell phones, you name it, we got it. While there have been many positive outcomes from this technological age, there have also been many downfalls.

The biggest one for me is the loss of person-to-person communication. When texting first began I declared that I was going to ignore that whole establishment. It is worse enough that a majority of conversing happened through e-mail and instant messenger, but now to lose the phone conversation as well! Unacceptable. For the longest time I refused to sign up for a texting program and then it happened. People began texting me, constantly. Some would text me just because they thought it was funny that I would be paying for it (ha). I finally surrendered and signed up for the smallest texting plan. I thought, "Okay, fine. I will receive texts and respond back when I have to." Again, I was mistaken. I am now on a higher plan and have found myself texting and texting all day long!

People have lost the true art of communication. E-mails, IMing and texting have taken away beautiful vocabulary and well, thought-out conversation. The whole point of technology is to be short and quick. And now that conversation has been moved to technology, it also has become that, too. Short and quick. I find it depressing and I am ashamed to admit that I keep on falling into the trap.


tranceasleep said...

I miss writing letters, don't you? It's still not person to person, but it is more... hmm... personable.

BlackpoolLights said...

I'm gonna start writing letters.. rolling them up.. and tying them to pigeon legs... and yeah. You get the idea.