Friday, November 21, 2008


We are an ungrateful creature. Humans, that is. God has blessed us with so many things in this life, yet we tend to forget. He blesses us with friends, good friends. Relationships, steadfast and loyal. Family, loving to the end. Food, plenty of it. Shelter, a house that is warm and cozy. Transportation, a car to get me from point "A" to point "B". Education, college that is affordable.

All of these things in my life are present and are so tangible and real. They are there by the grace and mercy of my mighty Savior. A Savior that seeks a relationship with me, yet I push Him aside. A Lover, that sticks by my side no matter how fickle my mind is. A Friend, He is ever-listening and ever-present.

But, I find myself seeking more and more and more and more. Nothing is ever good enough for me. My education could be better, I could have more friends, I could have a better lover, I could have a nicer car, I could go out to eat more often. Why? How will this completely my life?

Be content. Love what you have. Never take advantage of any moment, any person. Be thankful and constantly praise the One who is worthy. Constantly. In good times and in bad times. In sure times and in confusing times. In happy times and in depressing times. Always. Always. Why? Becuase He is always there loving me and you. Why not return the favor to your best friend? Why not only worry about that in life? Not things, not people of this earth. Life Him and you will receive all the love and contention you need in everyday life. Why not?

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