Sunday, February 15, 2009

Drum Roll Please....

And now, without further ado, I shall announce to you the reception hall that has been chosen. If anyone is confused about what I am referring to, please read my previous blog. 

Hall 2 is the winner! We all (my Mom, Dad, future Mother-in-Law and I) arrived to the Hall 2 this afternoon and happened to be one of the first guests to arrive at the bridal show. My Dad asked immediately if the hall had been reserved for October 24. A young woman looked at their calendar and on the date the words "Reserved" had been written. She asked him to wait as she double-checked with the men who handled the hall reseravations. A man joined us and informed us that the date was reserved under the name of "Stang". Now, I called Hall 2 several weeks ago inquiring about the availability of the hall. The gentleman I spoke with had asked me for my name. At that time I was not sure why, but, obviously, a miscommunication happened. As soon as I heard "Stang", I knew that they had simply spelled my name wrong when they had written down that I was interested in reserving the hall.

So,  I had reserved the hall and was not even aware of it. That was the first bonus at the bridal extravaganza. The second one was the special discount that they were offering that day. If you placed your deposit on the hall that afternoon, you would receive one hundred dollars off! Fantastic! Also, the soda bar price was half-off! Excellent! Saving money all around! That is what I call a good day.

Without hesitation, we placed a deposit on the hall. Although this would seem to everyone to be a joyous thing considering a decision had finally been made, it was a bittersweet event. Remember, we had booked Hall 1 already. Now that Hall 2 was booked we needed to tell Hall 1 that we were no longer holding our party there. Hall 1 had a table set up at the bridal show that afternoon. My Mom sauntered over the table with future Mom-in-Law and I in tow (Mom needed moral support). She explained to the two girls at the Hall 1 table our situation. Thankfully, the ladies were totally understanding and said that there should be no problem with cancelling the date at Hall 1. Phew! No angry words or nasty faces as I had expected. Ok, so I have an overactive what?

Now that we had discussed the issue with Hall 1, my Dad was volunteered to find our caterer (who is, ironically, directly connected with Hall 1) and explain to him that we still want their services for the day! Did I mention how fun it was to plan a wedding? My dad found Mr. Caterer and again told our epic story. He, too, was perfectly fine with our cancelling the hall and even told us that the down payment we had placed on Hall 1 could be used to pay for the catering services that day! Oh, HAPPY DAYS!

All in all, I am very happy about Hall 2 being our reception site. God was gracious and blessed me and my family in so many ways today. My Mommy can be at ease now and I will be happy knowing that she will be comfortable on my wedding day. She was never being a monster about the situation, she just wanted me to have the best place possible for my special day. And to tell the truth, I am happier with Hall 2 than I am with Hall 1. Little things makes it ideal. For example, Hall 2 is on a hill. I have always wanted to be married on a hill and this kind of compensates that dream. Also, I will not have to decorate as much to make the place look nice. It is already beautiful, no help is needed. So, I would like to thank my Mommy and God for helping me pick the perfect place for my wedding day. I love them both very much and always will!


Mommy said...

I love you more than you can imagine. I know your wedding day will be beautiful - because you are my beautiful baby.

Smooches and smooches

Rach said...

*shakes head* I have to admit that I teared up a little here---- I CANNOT believe that one of "the babies" is getting married. Furthermore- That one of "the babies" is OLD enough to be getting married! That means that I, along with your two sisters, are old enough to know "babies" getting married and that, my dear, I just cannot tolerate! : )

... I really am, all joking aside- Completely happy for you, love! : )