Thursday, October 30, 2008

Another Stone in the Creek

It is amazing how I am so quick to follow the crowd. I believe my sister Faith started the epidemic of blogging. It quickly spread to my other sister Beth and now I have discovered that my best friend has started a blog of her own. Should I alienate myself from what I suppose to be this great experience called blogging? Indeed not. Besides, I always love to try new things, especially if these things contain writing.

While my blogs may not be as exciting as some, I am sure that once in a while I will entertain those who decide to waste their time and read these with a semi-interesting tale. I say this because my life is dull, boring, typical and predictable. My life is as exciting as a fruit fly. My existence consists of going to Northampton Community College as a full-time student, work part-time at a retirement home and my days off are spent doing homework. Therefore, these blogs will mostly be accounts of frustrating events that happen at school or work. Oh! I guess it might be important to mention that I am engaged (weird). So, I am sure my wedding planning woes will bless these pages.

So, there you have it. Another stone has been added to the ever-growing creek of blogging. I pray, for your sake as well as mine, that I will have dramatic and entertaining events to retell to all of you.

I just realized how insane I was to create this site. My life is already busy and I had a mental break down last night because I could not handle all of the things that were going on in my life. Now, I just added another thing to my "to do list". My high-intelligence will never cease to amaze me.


Bethany Streng said...

faith DID start the epidemic. its rather starling. now we just need to get liss on here:-)

Becca Joy said...

I love you a lot, and I'm really glad you started blogging :) I always love reading your stuff. But hey, don't look at this as something else that's gonna stress you out. It's a de-stresser! Truly.

Faith said...

I believe I did start it. That makes me feel kinda special. As you make your wedding plans you should post great sites and books that you find helpful so that people as yet to be married can have some good resources :)

Another Stone in the Creek said...

OH, good idea faifers!